Here I have selected some of the best resources for the Scale and general Heli enthusiast.   I have become addicted to Scale Heli's, and I even thought of forming a church so all of these expenses would be a write-off:

Unfortunately, that never happened (too bad, I really liked our official "nun" outfits).  Anyway, I want to thank some of the suppliers for some little known but excellent products by including them on this page.  

Special Thanks

To Bryan Barba, the owner of Bryan's Custom Restoration of Fullerton, California, for the manufacture of many machined components as well as an absolutely hot custom paint job on my Dauphin.   He is a good friend and neighbor, and his 9-year old daughter Breanna flies better than both of us combined!  Also thanks to his wife Brenda and little daughter Brittany for allowing me to take him away from his family so often to "make this one little part for me, please???"

To Tony Salvaggio, owner of Primary Merchant Solutions, Inc of Farmingdale, New York.  Tony is very good friend that got me involved in Model Helicopters in the first place.  What can you say about a guy  - who actually flew from New York to California just to go flying heli's with me, and then left me his T-Rex 600 as a gift just because it got a little banged up!

To Sandy Alan Squitieri, whom I have never met, but his definitive and exhaustive (158 printed pages) documentation of his buildup of the Dauphin N4 made this project possible.  He had it posted on his website, but alas, he has taken it down.  Fortunately I had made a copy to refer to, as there are no instructions included with these fuselages! 

To Dr Tim Dawson of Approach Engineering & Starwood Models,  "Dr. Tim" has bailed me out of a few engineering corners I painted myself into, with really brilliant insight (What do you expect from a PhD in Quantum Mechanics?) 


Scale RC Heli Forum

The definitive forum for Scale builders is  While there are other forums out there that have scale heli "sections", this one is DEDICATED to Scale helicopters. Also, unlike RunRyder (another forum), manufacturers are welcomed to give their advice, even if it involves their own product.  I can't afford to waste my time on a forum where the real experts are muzzled by a profit-driven moderator.

Anyway, you can see my posts (You have to register on the forum to use the following link) here, and the forum in general is a fantastic resource for anyone considering, or building a scale RC helicopter.

Helicommand Forums

Helicommand is a 3-axis gyro stabilization system for RC Helicopters with a CCD imager, used for "station keeping".  This allows you to command the helicopter to stay in one spot, and the positioning system will do the rest.  A great forum at has resources for this device, and also, there is a thread on about this wonderful little device.  



Helicommand HC3-SX

News about the HC3-SX:  This unit has performed FLAWLESSLY for me on the heli's I have tried it on.  It even works on the little Trex 250, making it fly like a 600!  This unit has connectors that allow you to connect up to two Spectrum/JR diversity receivers, allowing you do do away with the receiver for some installations (like the aforementioned 250).  I currently have three of these now, and I am looking forward to using one on my next scale build!


Neat Stuff and Links
Makes the most amazing modeler's table saw on the planet. Take a look at the review here, it really is everything they say it is, and more!
Makes the best LED controllers I have ever seen. PC programmable, they are tiny, and the Luxeon LEDs shine like the sun.
has to be mentioned here, even though I never bought anything from them. One call to the Owner, Dr. Tim Dawson- saved me about $500 when he told me how two $69 parts could do a better job than two $300 parts! and
Both absolutely excellent places to get parts for Align mechanics.
Carries the Len Mount fuselages, as well as the Cine-Scale Fenestron units (which are widely accepted to be the best Fenestrons available), as well as TONS of scale accessories. Starwood is now the distributor for VARIO- Great news, and personally I am very happy I have them as my supplier for the Vario parts I need.
Send these guys an Adobe Illustrator file in B/W or Color, and get a dry transfer sheet the next day! Dry Transfers are SO MUCH BETTER than decals for scale models!
You can buy these at HeliDirect and ReadyHeli, these autopilots make flying RC helicopters much easier (and in the case of multi-bladed, flybarless helis, makes it POSSIBLE) to fly. Now you can ENJOY the hobby without years of expensive practice crashes.
Finless Bob's "Build Videos" are a godsend for building Align Helicopters.
Supplies N52 (highest grade) of neodymium magnets in almost every conceivable size and shape. Absolutely invaluable for door latches, removable panels, etc.
Has scale cockpit seats, winches, scale pilots, helmets, and much more! They specialize in the Agusta 109 and EC 145, but many parts are "generic" to most heli's. Note, you have to wire transfer to Switzerland, so buy everything at once!
Makes the most incredible billet retractable aluminum landing lights I have ever seen, with Luxeon LED's! Click on the items on the left for other marvels, I wish I could read German!
Is almost useless without their 4-inch thick catalog, but with it, it is a treasure trove of tiny high output fans, LED's, lenses, light pipes, and any electronic component manufactured in the free world. Log on and order the catalog. If nothing else, it will burn in your fireplace for days.
Has all the painting & body supplies you would ever want. Even products Bryan thought were only available "to the trade", I found them here (Except for the Virtus Clear coat he gets out of Italy)
Is a good source for brass, fasteners, o-rings, tubing, etc.
Is full of 1/6th scale goodies to adorn your cockpit! Even parachutes and life preservers with teensy-tiny authentic markings!

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