These are what I build and fly (or drive) for fun... When I came home with my first helicopter, my wife Lisa asked about it, and I told her "Well, it's THIS hobby or my OTHER hobby". She asked me "What is your other hobby?", to which I replied "Chasing girls!" She has never complained about my helicopters since then.


Carbon Airwolf
The flagship of the fleet, and my most ambitious project. Rocket firing, bullet expelling, everything works on this one!


You can see the building process here, and the gallery here.

Since the build is documented on this site, I will just say that building this is one of the most fun and challenging things I have done! Every step requires thought, and engineering.


You can see the building process here, and the gallery here.

Cover story of Heli Pilot Magazine!

Indy Heli's "Sunami"
While ordering the kit for the new "Sunami" helicopter from Indy Helis, the opportunity arose to acquire the prototype as well!  I just could not let the opportunity pass, so the prototype arrived, beautifully built by Indy Helis!  Having this will make it much easier when I build my own!  Stay tuned, as this build will begin immediately upon completion of Airwolf!  GOD I hate that name!  We have to come up with something else, even if I have to re-paint the helicopter!
Eurocopter AS-350
Another "Quickie"  semi-scale heli.  This one is using my Trex 600 mechanics, and the fuselage from RC Aerodyne.  I had a bit of a problem with vibration on this one, but some carbon rods stiffened it up, and it flies quite nicely!
T-Rex 500 MD 500
This started out as a "quickie", I just wanted to put my spare Trex 500 in a fuselage. By the time I got done, I had a 4-bladed head, 4-bladed tail, lighted landing skids, dual tail strobes, etc. It flies like a dream, and is bigger in the air than a stock 600. This could become my favorite helicopter! Looks great, and not too expensive to repair.
Airwolf 600-class (retired)
Not too much scale on this one, basically this is a primo, all-aluminum, brushless-servo'd, Helicommand-driven, T-Rex 600 in a Fusuno Airwolf fuselage. I did have to mount a cooling fan on the ESC to make up for the lost airflow. A future project will be to upgrade the retracts, as the factory ones suck like an 80-year-old crack whore. This bird flies beautifully, and the Helicommand in this one is just dialed in perfectly, it will maintain a position in a breeze as long as I want it to.
Trex 700 Electric
Destined for installation in the large Airwolf (see Airwolf Build at the top menu), This one has the best of everything, and was recently upgraded to flybarless, and I am now in the process of putting the tail rotor on the left side for the Airwolf project..
Trex 550 E
With a Neu Motor, this heli is sweet and stable. It needs a bit more room on the flying field, but it is very nice and predictable. Parts are 90% interchangeable with the Trex 600, so maintenance is pretty easy.
Twin Trex 500's
One of these is my "fun" heli, and the one I play with every weekend. The other (white canopy) is getting a makeover with an MD-500 Fuselage, 4-bladed Main Rotor, and 4-bladed tail rotor.
My first "scale", this is a 5-bladed T-rex 450, using the Lightning Heli head. It flies really smoothly on the 5 blades, again using the Helicommand Rigid. I had to upgrade the motor to a Scorpion with a 60A ESC in order to overcome heating problems, add fans, and change the tail rotor to Trex 500 blades as the smaller 450 blades could not counteract the torque from the head.
T-Rex 600
This 600 originally flew out with Tony Salvaggio but he left it behind as a gift (bless him). I upgraded the head to all alloy (I just like them better that way), and use this as my practice bird without the Helicommand autopilot.
T-Rex 450
This is my "beater bird", the one I learned to fly inverted with. It has crashed so many times while I was (and still am) learning, but it is cheap and easy to fix! I don't think there is still an original part left on this one! I recently upgraded the head to the V3 and the tail to the torque tube. No more threading belts... Hooray!
T-Rex 250 SE
This little guy is just a blast! I get this little sucker just whipping around the field! So light, if you can hit "Throttle Hold" before it hits the ground there is usually no damage in a crash!
T-Rex 450 Pro
Align did everything right with this one.  I dropped in a Hyperion motor (actually an OEM Scorpion motor with Japanese bearings), good servos, and (of course), a Helicommand.  This is the heli I am using to regain my flying skills after recovering from surgery.
Multiplex Funcopter
This one really was a fun copter- until the tail touched the ground and broke a gear...  which has been on backorder at both A-Main Hobbies and Horizon Hobby for over three months!!!!  I do not think Multiplex was ready for the volume in sales that those guys can produce.  I hope they get it together, as this really was fun to fly in front of the house!
Collection of Mini-Heli's
I love these little guys.  Some are full collective pitch, and can do all the tricks, some are fixed pitch and some are coaxial.  All of them are just a blast- usually flying around the house driving the dogs (and my wife) crazy!   


Kyosho Hein 50
This huge, beautiful scale bird is powered by an E-flite Power 46, and a Castle ICE 100 ESC, backed up by a 30C 4-cell pack. By far, the most powerful plane to roll of my bench, I just hope I do not auger it into the ground.... It would make a crater! Kyosho makes a pretty good scale aircraft, everything fitted pretty nicely together.
eRC Eurofighter
I just cannot say enough good things about this plane!  The 90 mm fan sounds so much better than the "little screamers", and the plane actually has more than a 1:1 thrust ratio when standing still!  The vectored thrust nozzles give the plane unbelievable maneuverability, so you can actually fly it in "park flyer" areas!  The lights all work, the cockpit detail is astounding, they re-wrote the book on RC with this one!
eRC B-25
This is another FANTASTIC plane from eRC.  The detail again, is fantastic.  Just a little underpowered, we have hopes that different props will make this one a little more gutsy. 
Hyperion Stuka
I thought Kyosho had the prize for "best build" in ARF kits.  Nope.  Hyperion has quality that can put Kyosho down hard.  DON'T BUY these from the Distributor- Empire RC..  After filling out their shopping cart- they will not let you actually buy the damned thing- you get "referred" to a reseller (mine demanded I pay by PayPal or Check, so I told them to shove it).  This fiasco cost me a day out of my life, and a lot of anger.  Rather, you can get them from allerc.com, where they take credit cards and ship from stock!
DON'T BUY these from the Distributor- Empire RC..  After filling out their shopping cart- they will not let you actually buy the damned thing- you get "referred" to a reseller (mine demanded I pay by PayPal or Check, so I told them to shove it).
This is a beautiful scale biplane, but DON'T add a pilot! There is very little in front of the CG on this plane, so any weight behind the CG needs 5 times as much in nose weight to counteract it! This plane needs 2-6 oz of weight STOCK, adding a pilot can TRIPLE it! Overall, one of the nicest builds I have seen from e-Flite ever.
Spitfire #2
This plane has a story... Bryan and I went to Pegasus Hobbies, and he spotted this hanging from the ceiling with a $99 price tag, already built. While he was hemming and hawing, I said, "Hell, I'll take it!". When the salesman pulled it down, he said, "You know this one comes with all six servos installed!". I thought Bryan was going to have a coronary. The price of the servos alone was worth more than the price of the plane! (Real nice Futaba's). Bryan is famous for taking so long to make up his mind, the model is discontinued!!! (Bryan- remember the Brio and the E-flite Lightning?)
I initially built this with a 450 motor, and it was way, way underpowered. The factory specs called for a lot more throw as well, and it was very squirrelly. I installed a Power 10 I had laying around, dialed down the throws to about 60% and now it flies quite nicely. It has the typical eFlite "eggshell" landing gear, so I reinforced the mount with some aircraft plywood.
By far, the most docile flyer in the fleet. This plane has one of the most "Scale" takeoffs and flying characteristics I have seen. A very relaxing plane to fly. The finish on this plane is just beautiful, and everyone just loves to see it fly. Using a 1350 mA LiPo, it just hangs in the sky for as long as you want.
P-38 Lightning (Deceased)
If you sneeze, this plane will break. The foam they used has a very fine grain to hold the details, but it is super fragile. Couple that with those long, thin tail booms, and you have a recipe for disaster. Every time this plane has broken, I slap a carbon fiber / epoxy strip on it and get it back in the air. Once, it tip-stalled and became a kit again! Now, it has so much carbon fiber, it is becoming stronger (and heavier), but it flies like a charm! Like an ugly but eager girlfriend, it is not much to look at, but a blast to take out for a spin once in a while.
P-38 Lightning II
This is the balsa / plywood version from Nitroplanes. Much sturdier, although a tad heavier, and the detail is not there. The instructions were obviously translated from Chinese by someone who spoke only Urdu. If I had followed the instructions, this would have looked more like a locomotive mating with a cement mixer!
T-34 Mentor
Big and heavy, this plane is pretty agile. Fun to fly, and plenty of power to get you out of trouble! I installed a servo for the flaps, and it glides pretty well considering it's weight. Again, eFlite's landing gear are not up to my landings, but some of them resemble a piano dropped from a 5th story window!
Jet Glider
This is a "frankenstein" plane I built with an 80" Aspire wing, two "Slo-V" fuselage "sticks", the tail from a mini-ultra stick, and a Delta V-15 ducted fan! Plenty of power, and it glides forever! Next, I want to add ailerons. I enjoy these bastardized planes a lot, you can do just about anything!
Pizza Plane (retired)
I did not want to list the retired (crashed) planes, there are too many, but this one deserves mention. This is a GoldGuy designed Nutball, dressed up as a Pizza. It even has a bite taken out of it. People have been known to go home and order pizza after seeing this fly.
Mini-Plane Fleet
In front of the house, nothing beats these!  For super-still nights, the Night Vapor is almost as fun as sex.  The Beast has a brushless motor, and a 2-cell LiPo!  I added pontoons to the Champ, because they looked so cool, then added tiny inset wheels to the bottom of the pontoons so I could take off from the driveway.  Les gave me a great tip on the light kit I installed:  To have the lights point inward, to light up the plane, rather than point outward.  Sort of the thing you see when they light up the tail of a commercial jet.  It looks FANTASTIC!.  



Inferno GT
The original 1/8 Inferno GT comes as a nitro, and that just would not do! I upgraded it to electric, running a 4-cell and the Novak 3.5T motor, Novak HV controller, 2-speed gearbox, etc. This thing will eat the Nitro versions alive, both off the line, and top speed. I am using a brushless servo for steering, augmented with a GY401 gyro off a heli. Talk about stable! Acceleration, drifting, and braking are absolutely accurate, like a slot car, with the gyro constantly correcting for road conditions!
This little gem, based on the Tamiya TT-01 chassis was built all aluminum wheels and suspension, with parts from eTamiya and RCMart out of Hong Kong. This little 1/10 car will do 59 Mph with it's Castle Motor and Mamba Max controller.
Definitely not a speed demon, if you go too fast, the monster 8 in tires will separate from the rims! This one also has the Novak 3.5T motor and Novak HV ESC.

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