Dauphin Build

Welcome to the ongoing chronicle of my scale helicopter build. I am building a Dauphin N4 helicopter "dressed up" in Coast Guard colors. The Dauphin series of helicopters is manufactured by Eurocopter, and has been made in N1 through N4 models. The Coast guard actually uses an upgraded Dauphin N1 variant, known in the US as the HH-65C. The newest version of the helicopter, the Dauphin N4 (also known as the EC 155) has never been procured by the Coast Guard, which allowed me to envision an "upgraded" version, with glass cockpits, upgraded "Night Sun" searchlight, and a newer crane mounting.

Below, you can see the difference between the Coast Guard HH-65C and the Dauphin N4 - The newer helicopter has a more streamlined upper canopy, longer fuselage, and an elongated nose. It is a longer, sleeker and more attractive body, perfect for the next-generation Coast Guard fleet.


To see the build, you can go directly to any phase by clicking on the thumbnails below or step through chronologically by clicking on the "next" button that appears on each page.


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Getting Started

Fenestron Gearbox

Fitting Mechanics

Attaching the Tail

Drop Down Gearbox

First Prime

Doors and Prep

Second Prime

Guide Coat & Rivets

Color Coat & Transfers

Clear Coat & Interior

Night Sun





Systems Test




Door Slide

Balance (CG)

Aft Cabin


Landing Lights


Completion Party

Photo Gallery



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