Dauphin Build / DFirst Prime ( Prime, not Teal'c)


At this point, all the servos, retracts, mechanics, etc get taken out.  Then we transport it to Bryan's shop.  The Paint booth is occupied, but since this heli is only the size of a large fender, we shoot it in another corner of the shop. We used a wall sander bolted to the mechanism mount in order to suspend it from the ceiling.


Below you see one of Bryan's painters applying the first coat of primer.  Get ready for a whole new look (and see how many pinholes or dimples I missed).


Wow, what a difference, now it is starting to look like a helicopter!  Since we are using professional automotive paint, it is an off-yellow, versus the grey you see from the rattle-cans.  


All the doors, cowlings, caps, etc were painted at the same time, so we can bring it back and do the final sand and prep, as well as the door hardware for the 2nd coat of primer.


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