Dauphin Build / Drop Down Gear Box


I knew there would be some work fitting my electric Align 700 in the Len Mount Dauphin fuse. I discovered that I needed to drop the output shaft for the tail about 6 inches. I immediately thought of the drop down gearbox from Approach engineering, but that takes a belt drive input, rather than a torque tube.  After hours searching for suitable 90 degree gearboxes to make my own drop down assembly (gearboxes can be very expensive), I called Starwood to see if they had any bright ideas...  Dr Tim answered himself, and I found him to be a super interesting and helpful guy.. I told him my problem and he hit me with the bombshell: Just use existing tail gearboxes!  This was just TOO obvious! I had spent HOURS looking for gearboxes online! Instead of using expensive 90 degree gearboxes, use the manufacturer's own- inexpensive and off the shelf! I went out and picked up the Align tailboxes, then we made a bracket to connect them, and a long coupling shaft:


Attaching it to the mechanics was a snap... It just required two of the shortest torque tubes in the world. The mounting plate for the Dauphin we made is removable, with locating pins for registration, and that made a handy place to brace the drop-down against rotation.


At the tip of the torque tube, you can see the adaptor to receive the dogbone from the tail tube.  This makes installation and removal of the mechanics a snap!


Above you can see the angled mounting plate, intended to offset the heli's natural tilt (The angle can be adjusted by swapping out the plate), and the drop down assembly is mounted at an angle to correct for the offset of the mechanics.


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