Dauphin Build / Attaching the Tail



Here is the tail with the fins all mounted.  The horizontal fins have two carbon fiber rods passing completely through the fuselage for strength.  The Navigation lights and tail strobe (Xenon) are all mounted, functional, and tested. 


Below, you can see the Align Torque Tube (with an end modified by Brian's lathe), and the cables from the Navigation lights, Strobe, and tail servo (Futaba BLS 251). 


Using West System 24 hour Epoxy, West System filler, fiberglass and carbon, the tail is attached to the rest of the fuselage.  Here we see it after it has set, and all the "positioning" tape has been removed.


I temporarily mounted the mechanics and Fenestron fan for this picture, just so I could get an idea what this will eventually look like.



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