Completion Party


With the build done, and the flight trials about to begin, we have a small celebration.  Most of my friends that have been watching the progress over the last year (11 1/2 months) were there!  Bryan's brother-in-law, owns a restaurant, and catered it for us, the food was excellent, and the champagne never ran out.

Below, Dan and Kenny in the garage,


Tony Salvaggio (who got me into helis in the first place), is standing in the foreground.  My partner Blaine Leckett, is on the left side of the couch, who actually contacted the Los Angeles Coast Guard Station and told them about this site! (See below).  Next to him are Dan and Tammy Palmquist.


Here is the plaque that Blaine received from LT Adam Ziegler of the United States Coast Guard. (apparently they liked the site.... Thanks guys!) Hopefully, someday I might get the opportunity to take mine up for a picture next to the real thing! (hint hint).


Below, Les Bidrawn, Tyler Easton, Brandon (and someone else) are talking in front of the house, Dave (Big Block) is  sitting on the steps talking to Marcus.


Another view from the garage:


Bryan relaxes with a paint sprayer full of champagne:



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