With the 35 lb weight of this heli, the foam-filled Robart wheels were getting flat spots rather quickly.  Also, they did not seem to wear well, as you can see from the picture below.  I went to the ScaleRCHelis forum, and "Wingtip" from Indy Helis was among the many responses I received.  He advised me that hard rubber wheels were available from BVM Jets.  I discovered two things:  

1) BVM Jets is Bob Violett, one of the "Masters" in Scale RC Turbine jets, and 
2) These things had BEAUTIFUL ALUMINUM HUBS! 

Needless to say, I ordered them immediately.


They came in sets of three, but oddly, out of the sets, some wheels had hubs that were symmetrical, some had asymmetrical hubs. I decided to use the symmetrical ones for the mains, and the asymmetrical ones for the nose gear.  Wingtip advised me they were a bear to put on, but these came with the rubber pre-mounted on the wheel.  After feeling them, I can imagine how difficult these would be to mount!   All I needed to do was drill and install the retaining screws (8 per wheel).

The installation package also included Cir-clips, so I took advantage of this, tossed the collars I was using, and lathed a groove in the wheel pin to accept the clip...  


The nose wheels were mounted so that the "BVM Jets" logo on the tires faced inboard, and the "deeper" side of the hubs faced out.  These look very, very nice, and will be "Standard issue" from now on...  Thanks again Wingtip!



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