Aft Cabin


Behind the Pilot and co-pilot seats, there is ALMOST enough room for another row (but not quite).  I decided to equip this space with supplies that might be carried by a CG Helicopter on routine patrol.   There is an entire library of 1/6th scale military equipment at Monkey Depot, I re-tasked some field packs as Medical packs by buying some 1:6 scale cloth Red Cross armbands, cutting them and affixing them to the packs.  They even had a 1:6 version of People Magazine (who doesn't read between flights?) with all the interior pages in color!


I also found Parachutes, and Life Preservers with all the riggings, and full military markings!  These guys are crazy!  I was tempted to order the CHEWING GUM, just to see how tiny they were!

The pack of cigarettes was a MUST.  If you are going to have Porn Stars fly your helicopter, you just have to have a cigarette after they take you into an "inverted funnel"!  


One of the best things is that all these items of detail weigh almost nothing.  Just bits of fabric, expertly sewn, with tiny metal and plastic (working) strap connections, filled with foam or cotton...  


A couple of cans of (Water? Fuel?), fill out the rest of the cabin.  Each pilot also has a small duffel bag next to her seat.  Clever positioning covered the last of the retaining screws for the floor, and everything is securely velcro'd down, using the automotive version of the Velcro adhesive (does not separate under the heat of the sun).



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