Door Slides


First off, you just gotta love any hobby that justifies getting a Mill and Lathe.  I picked both of these up along with bits, tools cutters, collets, and all the "little things" for just over $1500 from KBC Tools brand new:


The first task was to make the 6 parts that would slide in the channels.  The channels are 1/8" x 1/4" brass rectangular stock, with a slit cut into them with my handy Byrnes Model Machines saw.  


I started to make these out of Aluminum, but the slit I needed in these was too small for the mill, so I made them out of Delrin instead, so I could use the saw.  The rest was cut on the mill, and when they were done, I boiled them in Black RIT Dye for about 10 minutes.  Everyone was amazed at how black they turned out!


The blue part above was milled from half of a T-Rex 450 washout arm.  It already had a ball bearing mounted, and was the perfect size (why re-invent the wheel?).  I now look through my LHS's supply of "little aluminum parts" (Thanks John & Sparky from Gearbox) looking for parts that are "almost right" as it is easier for me to modify than make from scratch!


The upper arm was more complex, it required a drop-down that I made on the lathe out of aluminum rod, as well as a U-shaped linkage to clear the door when it swings out to open (like the side door of a van).  After screwing up about 4 times in Aluminum (very slow), I punched these out in Delrin in about an hour.  Delrin is much easier to work with (with a whole WEEK of experience on the mill), and it has the virtue of being a "Self Lubricating Part"  (gee.. I had a girlfriend with one of those). 



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