Finally!  Our "Porn Star Pilots" get their seats in the cockpit!  This first pic is my favorite, you can see the overhead dome lights, the beautifully detailed microphones on the helmets ( I bought jet helmets just for these microphones), and the little throttle levers in the ceiling control panel:


We tinted the upper windows, and the view through them is just perfect!


The flash on the picture below overwhelms the lighting in the instrument panel, but you can see a lot here: 


From the front, you can see the landing lights below, and the pilots backlit by the dome lights.  Those sunglasses do a great job of hiding the eyes (which on a Barbie, really look fake). 


Here is a better view of the instrument panel, the flash here was not as aggressive, and you can see the panel lights and the backlit glass displays. 


This guy in the back is pissed!  If he was about half an inch shorter, he would be the pilot.  Instead, the girls stole his watch, rank insignia, flight wings, helmet, patches, pen, and sunglasses - And, they make him ride in the back with the cargo!  


This phase of the build was a whole ton of fun!  NEXT - I get to play with my new mill and lathe! 


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