For the windows, I used a flange from Tower Hobbies that actually grips the Lexan window from both sides, and provides a flange to glue to the fuselage:


Each window is first rough cut, then taped to the opening.  I then scribe a line on the plastic 1/32" inside the opening.  This allows for the thickness of the window flange.


To accommodate curves, you make little wedge-shaped cuts in the flange, on the inside of the curve only, working around the entire periphery of the window.  These cuts, as well as the joins will be filled in (as well as possible) using a water based black bathroom caulk. Just smear it into the cracks, and wipe off with a damp cloth!  


The windows are affixed with Canopy Glue, which looks a lot like Elmer's, but is acrylic based.  You can clean it with water until it cures, which makes it easy to apply and clean up.  Once the window is placed and glued, it is taped down for 24 hours.  Adjacent windows have to be done over two days.  It takes about 1 1/2 hours to properly fit each window.


We tinted the upper windows (as in the real Heli), by adding a mix of green and blue Tamiya paint to automotive clear, then sprayed the inside surface of the Lexan.  It came out very, very nice!.


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