Whew!  Talk about Multi-National, what we have here is:

  • Align Torque Tube (Taiwan)

  • Vario Tail Gear Box (Germany)

  • Cine-Scale Fenestron (France)

  • Custom Blades (Switzerland)

  • Custom Milled Components (USA)

  • Kyosho Boot (Japan)

When I think of all I went through to get this assembly just exactly the way I wanted it, my butt puckers up to the point where I could crush a charcoal briquette into a diamond!  The Vario articulating mechanism was modified, using an altered technique submitted by "Darrens" on the ScaleRCHelis.com site (thanks!), and custom machining coupled it to the Align Torque tube.  The blades that came with the Fenestron were very questionable, so again, I turned to the ScaleRCHelis.com forum, and Roy Sylvain of Switzerland turned me onto custom blades made by his friend (Thank you as well).  These blades actually have a formed "root" and are much more finely built.


The rudder control rod is a double laminated carbon fiber tube (two carbon tubes fitted - one inside the other), epoxied over a stainless steel rod.. Lightweight, and I tried to bend a "test" rod with both arms against my knee, and I will tell you this is DAMN stiff. 

Above you can see the custom machining of the articulating mechanism.  Rather than attempt to perfectly finish the juncture between the tail boom and the Fenestron housing, as well as the exit hole for the rudder control rod, I fitted an "O" ring on the former, and a Kyosho boot on the latter.  Looks very, very clean..


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