Now, we get to connect these devices together!  For me, this is the fun part.  I rather enjoy wiring, it's rather therapeutic.  Here we are looking straight down in the back of the fuselage, at the retract servos, and the tail light controller:


This view is through the Port door.  You can see where I forgot to pad the rear door magnet, and the damn thing kept sucking my pliers into it!  Well, time for touch-up after we are done.  I ran a harness from the Heli's electronics to a matching harness built into the fuselage.  This way, when I remove the mechanics for service, I can just separate the harnesses. 


This is what I had to interconnect in order for everything to work 

  • 3 Align BEC

  • 3 Delight LED controllers

  • 2 PicoSwitches

  • 3 JR Matchbox

  • 1 Robbe Winch Controller

  • 3 BLS 351 Brushless servos

  • 1 BLS 251 Brushless Rudder Servo

  • 2 Helifactory landing lights

  • 1 Futaba 611 Gyro

  • 1 Helicommand Rigid

  • 3 JR DS8711 Servos

  • 1 JR1211 Receiver

Finally, here is a close-up of the wiring bay.  This side, (due to the wiring) holds one 6-cell 5000 mA battery (half of the Motor supply) and one 5000 mA 2-cell LiPo, to power the Winch, Strobe, and Night Sun.  The Starboard side bay will hold one 5000 mA 6-cell LiPo (the other half of the 12-cell pack), and two 5000 mA 2-cell LiPo's to redundantly power the 12-channel receiver through two 6 Amp BEC's.    


Whew!  Everything works, I also tested the line that will supply power for the cockpit instruments.  Time for a break!  My flying buddy Les gave me a "foamie" jet, and I think I will spend an hour or three smashing it together so I can fly it this weekend..


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