Normally, at 1/6th scale, one would use G.I. Joe size pilots.  With the floor height, seat size (seats from Switzerland), and the lowered ceiling contour of this heli, the standard pilots were scraping the ceiling!   Then it dawned on me... use females!  They are a bit shorter, and besides, they can be hot babes.  Wait... let's make them porn stars!  Yes, that is a concept I can get behind.  Let's start with the copilot, call-sign "Buffy".  This one started life as a Barbie doll, but the eyes looked very fake.  Fortunately, I found a set of Ray-Bans from a kit at Starwood models:


The brunette came from HeliScale in Switzerland, and believe it or not, had interchangeable breasts!  Now, isn't that a handy feature? The microphones came off Blue Angels commemorative helmets, and are totally detailed.  So below, we have the Captain, call-sign "Bambi":


Now there is a pair I would like to go inverted with!  Maybe I can get the real girls to come down and autograph the heli for me (or autograph me for the heli... I don't care which).  Then, they could take turns teaching me autorotation.


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