Interior Paint and Clear Coat


Fresh from the paint shop, the Clear coat is on and it's beautiful!  The nose is supposed to be a matte (satin) clear, and we had planned to do one more satin coat to make it that way, but it looks so damned good this way...  If you go down to your local Bentley or Ferrari dealership and look at the black finish.... IT'S NOT THIS GOOD!  Anyway, we also did the interior in a "Naval Grey"  We have not yet "Cleaned up" the grey around the windows yet, they wipe off the clear coat easily with something Bryan calls "Precleaner" (but he won't tell me what it is...  maybe it's magic fairy snot).



The detail on the Dry Transfers is amazing.  I think the resolution they print at is something like 2400 dpi.  With no "water slide surrounds", these transfers look like they were airbrushed on under the clear coat.  EXACTLY the effect I was looking for!  


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