Color Coat & Dry Transfers


Here we are again, at the paint shop!  This time we are getting the white base coat.  There are only 2 white stripes on the heli, but the white base will help the orange to "pop"  Everyone at the paint shop thought the Heli's shape made it look like a fish, and someone suggested that we "Paint it orange, black, and white, like Nemo" to which Bryan replied:  "We Are!"


Back at the Garage, all the colors have been applied!  The Orange used by the Coast Guard is "International Orange"  Supposedly the same color as the Golden Gate Bridge (gee, that thing must be FILTHY).  You can see the dry transfers laid out below, as I get ready for application.  Unlike decals, once placed, they cannot be moved, they have to be removed (destroying them) and re-applied.


Below, I am applying the Dry Transfers, using a leveling laser (red horizontal line on the tail).  I can tell what day it is here, the 4th of July!  (Twilight Zone Marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel)  The Navigation light caps are painted over, we will leave them on until the clear coat is done, then replace them with new ones.


I am really happy with all the lines and curves, they came out just perfect.  Everything is smooth, no waviness, and the details on the fuselage still pop out nicely.


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Professional Photography by Les Bidrawn    |    © 2010