Dauphin Build / Getting Started


I purchased a Trex 700 helicopter right before Christmas 2008, and got it assembled just in time to put under the tree.  I used the Electric conversion kit from HeliDirect.com, using a Scorpion 4035-560KV motor, and a Castle 110HV controller.  I mounted a Century 5-bladed head, using an OF swashplate, and a Vario follower, all driven by Futaba brushless servos.  I got it flying very nicely, so I would have a solid mechanism to use as the core of this project.  Unfortunately, the only photo I have from this stage is from the rear and the top:



Then, I ordered the Len Mount Dauphin N4 fuselage from Starwood Models.  When it arrived, it was a crate large enough to use as a coffin.  Inside were huge sections of fiberglass:


When I first opened the crate, I thought: "WTF have I gotten myself into?"  Until now, the only scale Heli's I had built were a Trex 450 based MD500 and a Trex600 based Airwolf, but this monster could hold them both inside it!  There are no instructions with these fuselages, only a CD ROM with pictures of a REAL Helicopter, and the general idea that you apply sandpaper, epoxy, paint, sweat, and electronics until the parts look like the pictures, and by the way, also flies!  Holy crap...  Oh well, on to getting it built.


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