Airwolf Survellience Pod


The Airwolf Surveillance Pod is not detailed in any blueprint I could find- nor are there pictures in the magazines, or on the web.  I had to do a video capture from one of the DVD's in order to get this one!


I was not as happy with the Cine Scale reproduction of this as I was with the weapons pod, but Ben had the dimensions and curvatures all perfect.  I used his unit as a template to create a pair of them out of aircraft plywood.  On the TV show, only the Starboard side cameras are ever shown (they were only a studio mockup), but the blueprints of the Port side show them there as well, so I will build two!


Here are the completed shells, I gave them a coat of West System Epoxy, thinned with acetone, to soak into the wood.  A second coat made a nice fillet in the joints, saving me much puttying and sanding.  All they needed was a pass of sanding to smooth the surfaces out.


I went online and found REAL lenses from a website called UXSight.  The "standard" 6mm lenses were made for CCD cameras, the Fisheye lens was made as an add-on for phone-cameras.  Below, you can see a brass ring I machined onto one of the lenses.


The camera assemblies were machined out of black Delrin.  Nothing sticks to this stuff, so I will be assembling the Delrin parts together with screws.  First, the individual parts were brought down to the right diameter on the lathe...

Then I put them on the mill in order to get the particular shape I was looking for.  

The first 2 cameras are shown here mounted.  I got the graduated ring on the smaller camera using Photoshop on a millimeter ruler, inverting it, then printing it out at 1200 DPI on adhesive backed paper.  The geometry of the center camera had to be modified a bit due to the length of the lens.


The LED's were wired up using the same wire-wrap and SIP resistor technique used in the Instrument Panel.


Below, you can see the completed assembly, held in place in the rough-cut window.  The cameras are a little out-of-scale to the original picture, mainly due to the larger lens sizes.  Some of the tinier cameras were omitted, as just could not find commercially available lenses that tiny!


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