Assembly Part 2


This is the best part of the building process.  Taking all those sub-assemblies I painstakingly made and boxed up over the construction period, and fitting them into the fuselage.  So unlike the sanding phase, where you could do 3 weeks of work, and there was nothing that the average person could see done!  Now, every part added seems to change the whole appearance of the aircraft!  Still, small things have to me made, like this 1-to-4 splitter for the cockpit lighting:

The surveillance pods went in without too much trouble.  The windows were affixed with Aeropoxy, so they will be strong enough to polish any scratches that are bound to appear later!.

The guns detail, consisting of an ammo tray and miniature metal ammunition simply glued onto the guns.  I wish I had been able to have the ammo belts continue into the aircraft, but alas, there is NO room on the inside of the chamber to accommodate this, and the opposite side of the bulkhead is the wheel well, so no joy there either! 

I used Aeropoxy to affix the Instrument panel to the shroud.  This needs to be strong, as the shroud cover is what will be holding the instrument cluster in place (mostly).

Here is a peek at the opposite side of the surveillance pod.  The 900 MHz cameras transmit video to a small flat panel receiver that I built just for this project.  It has a 2-channel receiver, and a 3-cell LiPo, with a castle BEC to power everything! The 9 volt battery powers the camera, and I use a bit of blue tape to cover one pin of the battery when the camera is not in use.

The main instrument panel is mounted to mate up with the center panel from last week's episode...

And just another photo of the center console and surveillance pod.  Here you can see the LED's in the surveillance poda little better.

The collective sticks get mounted on the floorboard prior to remounting it, as the ends need to be wired into the harness under the floor (yes, these light up as well)!

And here we have all the illuminated instrumentation and controls mounted and wired in. Everything you see here is powered by a pair of 2500 mAH LiPo's in a 2S2P configuration.  This much lighting takes a fair bit of power, so I have them totally isolated from the flight electronics.

Here is another angle on the instrumentation!

There is actually one more illuminated instrument panel in the ceiling.  This came ready-made from SSM Helitechnik in Germany. 

And an video of everything we have done in this chapter:



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