Clear Coat


This is the stage that the most pronounced difference in the appearance of the heli happens.  You would THINK that it would be the color, but the color really does not come out until the clear coat goes on.  This is a 2-part clear- and a formulation no longer (unfortunately) used on new vehicles.  This older formulation is a super-deep clear and cures to a  diamond hard finish.





Here is another view from the rear as the clear is applied.





When it arrived back at the bench, I "jambed" the Sunburst & Chaff doors, as these were painted while shut.






Almost invisible, a couple of layers of clear heat shrink protect the paint on the tail skid where it touches the ground..  





After the clear coat has hardened, the inevitable flecks of dust & imperfections can be seen on the glossy surface.  These are first fixed by lightly sanding with 1200 grit glued to a small piece of plywood.






The final step (and this is ESPECIALLY for "Satsuma" on the ScaleRCHelis Forum- who went back and forth with me about "Factory-prepped-for-customer-inspection" vs. "Weathered after normal service use" finish) consists of sanding with #2000 and finally #3000 grit sandpaper, then buffing with rubbing compound. Finally, the area is buffed with a grey glaze compound for a mirror-like finish.  (And YES Sats- see that little buffing wheel on the dremel??  I CAN buff between rivets!!!)






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