Detail Painting


There are a few items that need top be painted before the Clear Coat goes on.   First, the tail skid gets "Candy-caned".  On the (real?) Airwolf, this skid is straight with a bend in the middle, I went with a curve for strength.  It turns out that the landing gear wire I used is WAY strong, and I could have easily done a "bent" design.  Oh well.  The end of the wire goes up into the tail fin, with a 90 degree bend to hold it perfectly parallel to the fin, which is filled completely with Aeropoxy. I don't want any damage if I come down hard on the tail!:





Then the Dzus fasteners on the tail boom get painted an Aluminum color:





Here, you can see the Dzus fasteners on the doghouse painted and drying.






Finally, the tip of the in-flight refueling probe gets painted.  Not shown (I just forgot to shoot it) are the Dry Transfers around the starboard-side fuel port.  





Bryan had mentioned that the intakes were hard to paint, as the air could not escape, making it difficult to get a clean coat on the inside of the intakes.  Since the clear coat is so critical, I decided to take the time to fix that.  Some 1 1/2 inch plumbing vent tubes fixed that nicely.  I used a 90 degree elbow, and a bit of tubing, to vent the end of the end of the intakes up and out of the fuselage.






Here you can see the masking restored (it got messed up carrying it back to my shop), and the vent tubing sticking out... Now, it is going back to the paint shop for the clear coat!






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