Color Coat


Well, we had a bit of a dilemma here.  With a full gallon of the "official" Dupont Imron 5031K original Airwolf paint, we tested the paint on some various size objects and were shocked!  If you look at the photo below on the left hand side we have a shot of the real Airwolf.  You can see the color changes visible as the various angels of the panels change in respect to the viewer.  This is the normal effect of a semi-metallic paint like the 5031K.  Unfortunately, this effect does not "scale" well.  When a 7-foot heli is painted with the stock paint, there just is not enough surface area to get the desired effect. It would just be an even grey all over, with minimal differential between head-on, and edge-on.     Anyway, this is where having a professional painter pays off.  Bryan formulated a custom color that matched the base color of the 5031K, but used special black and silver toners in the blend so that it would have a more pronounced color shift- in effect "Scaling" the color shift to the size of the model:






Well, Here is Airwolf in the paint shop, using the same suspension system we used on the Dauphin.   





There is surprisingly very little white on the Airwolf, so to "brighten" it up just a bit, we used a 3-stage white on the bottom, including a thin coat of a transparent pearl.  This gets subdued by the clear coat (which will go on later), but adds a "Metal" of "substantial" feel to the color.






The Grey went on after masking - Now it's starting to look like Airwolf!  It turns out that the Starwood rivets LOVE to pick up tiny hairs from those towels I bought to protect the heli after I removed the landing gear.  It drove Bryan crazy removing all of them prior to painting!





Here is a shot with the masking removed, the intakes were particularly difficult to shoot, as they are masked off at the end, and there is nowhere for the air to go!  They came out perfectly.






Back on the bench, we go over it inch-by-inch with 2.5X Magnifying glasses and find just a few spots where some sanding marks are still visible.  We fix those spots with 600 grit and shoot with my airbrush... 






Now it is time to put on the (very few) dry transfers, and paint the Dzus fasteners silver (aluminum actually).   Then the clear coat goes on.  The Clear coat actually makes a BIG difference in the final color, as I have a 15 inch diameter sheet of aluminum painted with this color and clear coated, and it looks like it was cut out of the actual Airwolf!





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