Bench Cleanup (Airwolf at Paint Shop)


With Airwolf at the paint shop, my bench top is empty (relatively) for the first time in over a year!.  After almost two years of building projects on a daily basis, I had a good idea what I wanted a far as organization...  First, I pulled off the old carpet- which was saturated in sanding dust from wood, carbon, fiberglass, and more. To make it worse, it has accumulated over the year- hundreds of little hard lumps from drops of epoxy, glue, adhesives, and CA.  Every time I do this, I alternate between grey and blue-grey carpet.  This time it gets grey.  This is Home Depot industrial floor carpeting at a whopping 59 cents per square foot!





Tired of having my parts bins wobble every time I use them, I finally screwed them together, so they are one rigid unit.  Much nicer to work with.  Each drawer is a removable parts organizer with a lid.  Another Home Depot stock item.  





I went to, and started looking at acrylic organizers.  They don't make any for hobby use, but they DO make them for bathrooms and cosmetics!  This one, for my Aeropoxy was supposed to be a bathroom sink organizer.






This organizer was originally intended for cosmetics, but it does a great job of organizing all my glues and adhesives!  The little tray in the front is handy to hold the small "capillary" tube dispensers for the CA.  





My new pride-and-joy:  I went to a lumber store and got 6 feet of mahogany 2x6.  After making the grid with pencil lines, and drilling for hours, I laminated the pieces together, then I got a bunch of new tools from  The prices for diamond tipped grinders and cutting wheels is ridiculously cheap.  I outfitted this entire rack with new diamond tools for under $200.  Considering the wood was almost half as much, you can see how inexpensive the bits can get!  The last set I used for the Dauphin, Airwolf, and a dozen projects in between, and they showed almost no signs of wear.  I donated my old ones to a friend who builds almost as much as I do..  (and gave me an excuse to get all shiny-new ones to boot!)






Another acrylic organizer holds flashlights, lubricants, and more.  The "Lipstick rack" does a great job of holding the tubes of lubricant that Hobbyco sells...






Bryan made me a beautiful billet Aluminum tool holder for my hand tools.  You can see it here in the center of the picture.  P put them on a tray, with my Wiha set, and all my other hand tools so I can move all my tools to different parts of the shop at need..  The lamp from the adjacent drill press makes it very easy to see and select exactly which tool I need. 






I picked up a riser for the grinder and soldering bench.  It gives me more work room and storage when I am grinding, polishing or soldering.  It also makes the work surface easier to clean and keep that way!.





While I was re-vamping the shop, I cleaned up and PM'd the Byrnes Model Machines table saw and the rotary disc grinder.  I admit this saw has done more work since I got it than I ever would have imagined!. 





A children's toy tub manages any spills from my solvents, and the XP based touch screen PC next to it makes ordering parts easy- and keeps me from forgetting to order things that I need!  It is also handy in pulling up PDF manuals for some of the products I am using.  Forget the throws or CG on a particular plane?  Just pull up the manual online





The lathe and mill just got their periodic cleaning and lubrication, along with a few additional work lights to better illuminate the work area.





Over the years, I have accumulate quite an inventory of components.  I decided to separate and compartmentalize each of them so I could find anything easily and quickkly.





Finally, a children's toy bin gives me battery storage, and leaves room for (Most of) my chargers...  I have a few more chargers, but these seem to be enough to charge ALL the batteries I use on a flying spree at one time, so I can "load them up" and do other tasks until the combined "beeping" from all the units lets me know that the job is done, and they are all charged up!





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