Final Sanding


Once we start riveting, it will be more and more difficult to sand the fuselage!  This is the last opportunity to go over the entire fuselage and take care of any dings, chips, splashes or imperfections it has picked up over the last year:





I am using a combination of 320 grit sandpaper (about the finest grade you want on primer), and 3M Medium and fine abrasive pads to clean up the fuselage.





Tiny dings and chips are handled with green putty which dries very quickly when used on small imperfections. The green color makes it easy to find spots you have patched, but not yet sanded!






When everything is done, the fuselage gets blasted with air from my compressor, then wiped down with terrycloth dampened with alcohol...  This will give me a nice, clean surface to put all my detailing and rivets!





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