Fuselage Arrives



UPS finally delivered the Big Carbon Airwolf kit!  The fuselage is shorter than the Dauphin, but wider as  well.  I wish it were about 10% bigger, but the surface of the fuselage is MUCH smoother then the Len Mount Dauphin.  This should cut about a month of initial sanding and filling time out of the overall build (I think).  The landing gear are horrible, but I am working on something now that I will keep a secret.... hehe. 


The Pneumatic machine guns came as well.  These are beautifully machined, and will allow the wing pods to extend, and the machine guns to deploy sequentially.  Not terribly scale, but that is coming next!

Ben from Cine-Scale came through at almost the exact same time.  Among the goodies I received were an immaculately scale cannon, seats, electronic surveillance pod, exhausts, and (wait for it...) Scale machine guns! Now, I can use the resin bits from the non-functioning Cine-Scale guns to make the Pneumatic Vario guns look realistic!!!  Now if I can only remember where I saw those machined brass bullets online for the ammo feed.....



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