Recessed Fuel Ports


I wanted to recess the fuel hatches, so I built up the fuselage behind the fuel door locations with basswood.  Then, I cut out a hole, and sanded the recess bevel into it.


I took a piece of basswood, and with successive coats of West System 24 hour epoxy, thinned with reducer, completely saturated the wood.  This gave me a relatively easy way to create a nice curve, but end up with great strength.



After a few touch ups with Evercoat Metal Glaze, I primered the areas, put on my guide coat, and sanded to perfection! The 3M Scotch-Brite abrasive pads make areas like this just a breeze to finish off.



Here is the Starboard side fuel port.  I used the Cine-scale resin part for this, as it was resin, and easily conformed to the curve on this part of the fuselage.  I will remove this and re-install it after the color coat, but before the clear coat.



And here is the Port side fuel port.  This one has a modified filler valve from an airsoft gun magazine.  This lets me charge Airwolf's pneumatics with the cans of gas sold for Airsoft guns (I have a few of these).  I just absolutely refuse to include a bicycle pump in my flight kit!





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