Initial Hover


A milestone!  Balanced for test, and weighing within 1-2 lbs of final weight, we hover Airwolf for the first time. I  did a lot of early testing on the mechanics, handing it to Bryan while still in the "Pod & Boom" configuration for some hard 3D "Stick Banging".  Now after 11 months, we finally get to test the mechanics inside the fuselage. Weight is about 27 lbs at this time, target is 29. We hovered at half stick - ESC running 80-85% and about 5-6 degrees of pitch, so there was plenty of lift to spare! The size of Bryan's driveway limited what we could do at this stage.  It was delightful to see how easily the Trex 700E mechanics lifted the load.  The payload capacity of the 700E is astounding, but that is probably why they are used so often as camera platforms.



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