Cockpit Seats


Well, it's been about 16 days since my last surgery (I had 3 of them in a 30 day period), and I am nowhere near able to build yet, I AM able for the first time, to type with both hands.  Right now, I figure I have 50% mobility of my right hand, but it is getting better the more I practice.  I figured editing these photos I took right before surgery- and typing this log would be good practice......

(It seems like so long ago...)  I started by using the seats from SSM Technik in Germany.  The headrests have beautifully machined aluminum posts, and the texture of the fabric is embedded in the mold!  Anyway, I started by disassembling them completely.


On the outboard side of each seat, I drilled a number of holes for the detail I want to add later.  The inboard side is right against the center console, so no detail needed there.


I mixed up the color for the seats and airbrushed them, then used a tiny brush and some Tamiya Red for the piping.  I don't know if any of the piping will be visible once the pilots are seated and strapped in, but what the heck, it was fun.


After painting the base a mixture of Tamiya Metallic Grey and Black (a color I am really getting to like), #00 Hex screws provide detail, along with a small, aluminum door handle from Baumann that is pressed into service as  a Rescue Handle.  The Rescue logo is a dry transfer made during my last batch from Ambient Graphics (Now Cliff Digital).  That horrid-smelling matte clear protects the base assembly when done.


All that was left at this point was final assembly, I was pleased at how they came out!


A "test fit" in the cockpit, and these are ready to pack up and go on the shelf until I can get the helmets and Pilots assembled.  Then I will use Vario Seat belts to strap them in, and pack them up until needed.  I think I am going to take another week before trying to do this level of detail work..  I just ordered a plane that  I will try to put together first.  My flying is still laughable, I am still at the SR-120 stage (and crashing it frequently)-  I cannot get my right hand to move fast enough for heli's yet.  


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