Initial CG Guns Detail


I had decided to do a test hover soon, just as a checkout, when disaster strikes.  Apparently, I have some sort of bone cyst in my wrist, and it has been getting progressively worse.  I will probably be having surgery in early September, and then I will be in a cast for weeks, so this will be my last entry for about a month. I can barely operate my computer now, building is out of the question until I heal.

Anyway, before it got bad, I balanced the heli using my balancing rig I built into the ceiling.  A laser level aimed at the head tells me the offset.


Looking for a temporary weight solution, I turned to the battery bin.


It turns out that the perfect weight to balance this heli was a pair of 2-cell LiPo's.  Not too far off the expected weight of the instrument panels, pilots, seats, and whatnot.  So far, so good!  


Below, you can see the only two connection points between the mechanics and fuselage:  A dogbone for the tail drive, and a 25 pin connector for signals!


Well, the helicopter is ready to hover, too bad I am not! (yet).

I wanted to see if I could still do a little work, using small parts that would go easy on my wrist.  A few months ago I had found some brass ammunition with metal clips online!  These are just beautifully machined!  The tips were painted by simply dipping them into a small tray with a paint / reducer mix.  This gave me a nice, even, concentric tip for each shell.  I used Red on the cannon shells, and Green on the machine gun shells.  In the meantime, I got out my styrene supplies and started making ammo trays.



Three "versions" later, I was able to come up with a design that fit the required space, and appeared to service all three barrels: 


Here is what it looks like positioned on the guns.  I had hoped to have the belt extend into the wing pod, but alas there is absolutely NO ROOM!  There is only 1 to 2 mm of clearance between the gun body and the inner bulkhead when the guns are retracted! (using my Pla-Doh depth gauge).


Airwolf's machine guns also have a cooling manifold (the lower cannon does not), so I got some brass tube and started punching out holes on the mill.  My 2.5mm end mill bit has only one tooth, so the cuts are a little rough, but the lathe will clean this up nicely...


Finally, here are the completed bits set on one of the guns.  Of course, they have to come right back off, but this is one less thing to worry about when I get to the final stages.  Now, to give my wrist a much needed rest, I am in agony.


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