Mechanics Pod


Finally, the Mechanics are complete, and I have a removable pod that connects to the fuselage with only one mechanical linkage (the dogbone for the torque tube), and one electrical connection, (a DB-25 connector) that routes all the power and servo signals.


I managed to wedge all the batteries in the mechanics, making it easy to pop out the mechanism for charging.  I use the Align RCC-6BX chargers, which charge through the balance leads, which I have left accessible.


Below, you can see the dogbone and DB-25 connections that form the link between the mechanics and the fuselage.  (4) 4mm bolts hold the 1/4"  plywood base to the fuselage, which has locating pins to ensure consistent placement of the mechanics during installation.  Only one battery needs to be moved to install the mounting bolts, and I have it attached with 3M Dual Lock
(a "hard" version of Velcro that does not allow lateral movement and has MUCH higher retention strength).



Lots of batteries in this puppy...  (3) 5000 mA 2S1P batteries pushing 3 6 Amp BEC's just to run all the bells, whistles, and gizmo's! And of course, the 2 6S1P 5000 mA packs to run the motor!


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