Miscellaneous Preparation Work


A number of steps accumulated here, just adding to the fuselage build, but nothing that deserves it's own section...  First, there are a pair of grilles below the exhaust to be mounted, and I used a laser level to get both sides lines up and perfectly straight.


I laid down each grille, tracing the vent openings with a mechanical pencil in order to determine exactly the size of the opening I wanted to cut.  Then I used Aeropoxy and tiny screws to affix them to the fuselage.


The screws were really a lifesaver, as the nose piece needed to be compressed horizontally for proper fit. I was able to drill the holes while holding it compresses, then apply Aeropoxy before screwing it into the holes, which gave me the proper compression.  Worked like a charm!  


For my electrical testing, I built a test module using a 5000mA 2-cell LiPo, an Align BEC to regulate it (which has a built in switch and 5-LED battery monitor, a servo exerciser/tester, a 6-channel receiver, and a Dimension Engineering LED controller with auto current sensing.  This lets me test and exercise any part of the mechanics in or out of the fuselage.  Darn handy gizmo.


In preparation of the gun pod mechanism (and the Sunburst/Chaff dispensers), I will need some pretty precise throws on the servos.  I built this test jug, and made a LONG servo arm with a slot and a ball-link-locknut combo that will let me determine the optimum placement of a ball link on a servo are quickly and accurately.


The back ends (where the hinges will go) of the Sunburst/Chaff pods was rather flimsy and had a bit of a curve to them.  I reinforced them with some very thin plywood painted with thin 24 hour West System Epoxy.  By clamping them to a marble tile, I got a nice flat surface.


I thought about hinges for the Sunburst/Chaff pods.  Looking at the blueprints, I see they are referred to as "Rear Defense Pods" so I guess I will be referring to them that way from now on...     Anyway, I wanted a hinge that would NOT sag.  I ended up using a brass tube / brass rod combination that supports the pod from top to bottom:


Finally, on the ScaleRCHelis.com forum, one member had complained that his dogbone receptacle had melted under operation!  Melted?  I have been using the metal ones from the Kyosho Inferno GT (RC Car).  An additional benefit, is that they can facilitate easy removal and reinstallation of the mechanics in a scale RC Heli!


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