First Prime


The fuselage came back with a beautiful coat of 2-part primer.  Now, the hard part begins.  The final finish on this heli has to be as "over the top" as all of the "techie" goodies I am packing inside.  I have been talking with my personal painting wizard, and he has some ideas for the final paint that will astound you!    But, in order to do this magic, the foundation for the paint will have to be perfect.

First, the entire fuselage is rubbed down thoroughly with 3M Guide Coat.  This will allow me to obtain an absolutely smooth surface as you will soon see.


As you sand, the guide coat shows up every depression and void as a dark grey splotch on the newly sanded surface.  To get rid of ALL the orange peel and surface imperfections, simply sand until they are all gone!


The details and compound curves make the sanding a very tedious task indeed...  

Larger flat areas go much more quickly:


The underside is done here.   


and finally, 14 days later, the first coat of primer is sanded satisfactorily!!   


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