I needed the panel for the landing gear door to have the same curvature as the fuselage.  The easiest way to do this was to simply lay up the carbon right over the gear door location.  I used two layers- one uni-directional, and one bi-directional carbon weave, using West System Epoxy.

Once done, I got rid of the "carbon pattern" with Evercoat.


The Gear door openings get ledges for the doors to rest on.  These are recessed so I can do final adjustments with thin foam tape, to get the doors perfectly flush..


As you can see, I am starting to use some un-conventional materials for detailing.  I am using styrene for some detailing, the half-cylindrical parts are easy to put ends on, simply pair them up to make a rod, insert them in a lathe, and sand the end round!  The long strips are epoxy-impregnated basswood.  I was hoping to get these in resin from Ben at Cine-scale, but I decided not to wait.  These turned our just fine.  


Only the gross details are going on at this point, fine details will go on after the first coat of primer. The Styrene makes easy work of this phase!


Finally, everything gets taped up, and off to the paint shop for the first coat of primer!   


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