ADF Pod Articulation Mechanism


I was looking for a really spiffy way to mount the ADF pod so it would swivel, but I wanted a mechanism with NO slop or sway.   I remembered that I had purchased a 1/10 scale car stand a while back and never used it.....  Turns out it has a dual-bearing support, and is rugged as hell:


After some surgery on Bryan's band saw, this is what I had:


For this job, I needed access to both the top and bottom of the fuselage, so I used the assembly/maintenance bench my buddy Tony got me for Christmas.  I don't use it everyday, but now that the tail is on the fuselage, It is really handy for handling this beast.


The old "top" of the stand is milled, painted, and affixed to the ADF Pod.  I included 4 M2 captive nuts in the ADF Pod assembly, anchored into plywood, so I now have a very solid mount.


The bearing assembly is centered, and supported top and bottom with basswood mounts.  The whole thing is epoxied together with Aeropoxy.


Here is a bottom view, showing the semicircular opening for the rocket ignition wire harness.    


A JR 8711 servo (400 oz/in torque) is coupled to the assembly using T-Rex 700 Push/pull linkages.  I will wire it to the rudder input to the gyro, but reversed, so the cannon turns right on a left turn and vice-versa.  A servo slow-down module will make the pod rotate smoothly like the real thing (or actually, like the prop on the TV show).  


And a close-up of the completed assembly from the bottom:


And here is a video of the mechanism in operation!


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