Center Console


I started with the kit from S-S-M Technik from Germany, which had the side panels, top, and artwork with an adhesive base.  It seemed a bit thin, so the first thing I did was to add an inner layer of 2mm Basswood.  I also carved out a recess in the basswood to accommodate the Delrin stop for the front gear, so the thin plastic panels would be flush, and hide the white Delrin.


Assembly went very easy, I used rectangular stock for reinforcement.  SSM includes corner and panel braces in styrene, but since I am now using wood, I used this instead.


The basswood also lines the top panels, and gives me a sturdy mount for the gauges and a stand-off for mounting the LED's.  You can also see the little package of assorted knobs I got from them, these are beautifully formed and ready to use without further finishing, something you do not often see in resin parts.  This company really makes quality stuff!


Since everything else is functional on this project, I decided to incorporate operational pressure gauges in the console.  I got two air pressure gauges from BVM Jets, and installed them in the upper panel of the console.  This will allow me to view the pressure on the air tank, as well as the pressure used to deploy the machine guns (or possibly the brakes, as both are pneumatic).    The LED's were wired using the same wire-wrap techniques used in the main Instrument Panel.


Here is a shot of the center console in it's position inside the Fuselage:  


And a close-up of the completed assembly.


Finally, a really fuzzy video (sorry about that) of the console and the overall progress of Airwolf.



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