Body & Mechanics


Now, some of the work begins to show (you can sand for days and people think there have been no changes!). First, the Sunburst Pod doors are cut:


Then, some carbon sheet creates jambs for the Pods to rest on in their closed position.  I tacked these in with CA, then used Aeropoxy to give them tons of strength.


The Cine-Scale Radome gets mounted on the front..


With the tail rotors reversed to be on the left side, and the new flybarless head installed, we take the 700 Electric out to the flying field for testing. Bryan (our best 3D pilot) is flying, as he is the most able to recover it if anything goes wrong (did I put that Jesus screw back in??). Anyway, the mechanics are ready to be taken apart for integration with the fuselage


Back from the flying field, the mechanics get disassembled for a test fit inside the fuselage.  While everything fits, it is going to be tight getting all the "gee-whiz" gizmos inside.  But, that is what this hobby is all about!


One of the first things the mechanics need is the take-off for the tail tube.  I manufactured a Delrin spacer, and press-fit a torque-tube bearing inside.  This spacer fits snugly inside a short piece of tail tube.


The short piece of tail tube gets clamped inside the fuselage, and the Delrin spacer gives positional support to the end of the torque tube.  Finally, a Kyosho joint is affixed to the end to accept the U-joint / dogbone from the tail torque tube assembly.  This will allow the mechanics to be removed and reinserted at will.


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