Vents & Intakes


After the upper intakes were roughed out, I marked off and cut out the vent holes at the back of the doghouse.  There are a number of different patterns, the blueprints for Airwolf slightly differ from photos of another Bell 222, which differ from the vents on the Airwolf full-size replica!  I ended up using the pattern similar to the one used by Airwolf_Crazy on his, which closely matches the Airwolf Blueprints.


Cleaning up the rounded corners of the holes, and doing final touchups on the upper intakes required a coat of primer so I could see the imperfections better.  I sent the part to Bryan's Custom Restoration for a quick coat of 2-part primer, then finished it off  (for now).


Here is a picture of the finished upper intakes.  They will eventually get a black mesh at the rear of the intake..


I was so happy with the result, I decided to add about 5mm of relief to the lower intakes as well.  For this, I started by using CA to affix strips of foam to the edges of the intakes:


Then, I coated the inside with Evercoat Metal Glaze, and sanded everything smooth with 150 grit.  Some Tamiya Green putty filled the small holes and imperfections, then 320 grit polished it off...


Here is the other side.


From the inside, you can see the foam, which is now glazed on the inside, and epoxy coated on the outside.  This gives strength to the otherwise fragile foam, and makes it as solid as the rest of the fuselage.


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