More Progress..


Lately, I have been all over the helicopter:

First, I cut out the wheel well openings, so they were perfectly flush with the wheel well structures.  This takes a lot more time than it looks like!


Then, I decided to add the servo to actuate the front landing gear doors.  Since there is a Gold-n-Rod on each side of the gear doors, I first mounted the links on the end.  I am using smaller ball ends, so I had to make an adaptor that would fit tightly in the rod, and also thread into the link.


At the same time, I epoxied in some of the supports for the removable floor section.  This will be a handy place to stash electronics that do not need access once the heli is finished.


Back to the gear door servos, I create a "Double ball link" with two balls and a long screw (on another site, this would sound sexy).  This has the additional benefit of allowing me to adjust the door linkages individually.


Starting on the doghouse, I first get everything lined up properly, and cut to the proper size.


I picked up some adhesive tape with metric rulers printed on them from  Comparing it to my steel rules, it is pretty accurate, and providing you don't stretch the heck out of it while applying, it is a very easy way to get linear measurements around curves!


Believe it or not, the one part that really stands out in this Vario kit are the really tiny M3 blind nuts.  The laser cut plywood is made for them, and with a little Aeropoxy, they make the best blind nut/mounting system I have used.  I have to look up this part number and order more!


The engine intakes were just holes in the carbon, and I wanted more realistic looking intakes.  Fortunately, Vario included a piece of aluminum meant for a gas engine, so I cut it in half, and bent them into the shape of the intakes.  Some BVM Aeropoxy (this crap really does stay where you put it), locks them down after being tacked on with CA.  They need to be sturdy, as I will be sanding on the inside of them and I don't want to pull them back off!


Some Evercoat Metal Glaze, a lot of sanding, and then Green Tamiya putty finish off the intakes basic shape.  They are getting to the point where it is hard to tell where the high spots are anymore, so I will fine tune them after the first coat of primer goes on.  When everything is done, I will use black mesh screen to block off the rear of the intakes.


Overall, I am a very happy camper at this point. 


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