Sunburst & Chaff Dispenser


This pretty much "Catches me up", as I have done a fair bit of work without posting here!  

Airwolf was equipped with a number of countermeasures, including Sunburst flares and Chaff.  They would deploy from the rear of the fuselage on both sides like the picture below (Many thanks to Jean-Yves of for these otherwise unavailable photos!)


First, I started with the Sunburst Pods from Ben at Cine-Scale.  A great time saver, but I have a lot of work to do, as I want them to be operational, and actually fire!


The first step is to remove the resin panel with the launch tubes.  Nothing wrong with it, but I won't be able to use the fittings I need to use for an operational unit.  So into the mill they go to have the tube panel removed.


Ben had included missiles in his kit, but I wanted "missile shaped" missiles, with red tips (just like the original Airwolf).  A little research told me that a 17 caliber bullet was the proper size, and they were made with plastic tips!  I had painted a few of these white, using liquid mask to keep the tips red until I realized that all you will be able to see ARE the tips....  That made my life a bit easier.


I replaced the resin tube panel with one I made of laminated basswood.  All the tubes were "blind drilled" on the mill, except one (the one that will fire, of course), and I epoxied a brass tube to the same depth as the "blind" holes.


Here you can see the assembly going together.  In the photo below, I was going to use surgical rubber tubing to connect to the pressure lines, but later testing shows it to be inadequate to the pressure....


Pressure comes from a device called "Flame Out".  This device is servo actuated, as the servo pushes a spring loaded hammer over center, which then strikes a firing pin to release the contents of a CO2 cartridge.  This was perfect for me, a servo-controlled blast of air at high pressure!  In fact, it ruptured the surgical tubing like a condom stretched over a fire hydrant!


Here is a picture of one of the finished modules:


Now that everything is all put together, it is time for a test!  


Tamiya has the sickly green-yellow "aircraft primer" color used in the photo, so I used it.  Looks like I am going to have to weather this assembly quite a bit to get it looking right, but It is fine for this stage of the build.


Here is the Port side Sunburst launcher next to a photograph of the real thing.  Definitely going to need more detail work to get it right, but I think I am on the right track.


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