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Fuselage Interior


WOW, I have really fallen behind in my documentation!  I have about three pages to do at once!  I will try to catch up in the next day or so, but here is a start:

Since I am doing a "Full Front Office" in this heli, I want the interior to be finished.  I contemplate doing prep work on the interior of the cockpit area, but figure, "What the hell?" and decide to finish the entire interior.  The rough carbon looks pretty ugly, so first, we sand off the rough spots...


To make sure the exterior doesn't get primer or paint on it, I mask off the entire outside of the fuselage, making it look like a blue papoose: 


I used 1/4 inch vinyl tape to mask off the fuselage where the plywood will be epoxied to it.  I just got a bunch of the BVM Aeropoxy, with the dispensing gun, and bunches of mixer nozzles, and half a dozen epoxy cartridges.  We shall see how it works, everyone seems to be raving about it, and frankly, it seems a lot easier than building fillets out of West System epoxy, microballons, and acid brushes.  I will let you know!


Off to the paint shop for some of that 2-part primer I just love so much (just kidding). Bryan and his father laugh at my masking, saying "Dude, you just have WAY too much time on your hands". (it was sorta overboard, but hell, I DID have a lot of time waiting for it to get picked up!).  It comes back the next day, looking like this:


Now, more sanding and filling to get a smooth surface (especially in the cockpit area).  The entire interior is sanded and filled, but just enough to eliminate the carbon "bumpies" that riddled the interior.


Back to the paint shop for an interior coat, then I rough-assembled the wing stubs with landing gear and the plywood structure to test-fit everything.  Looking good so far, I guess it's time to assemble and try out that newfangled Aeropoxy system!


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