Plywood Structure

Now it is time to do the plywood.  Vario supplies the parts (nice and beefy) on a number of laser cut sheets.  Nice finish, good quality wood:


The plywood was again treated with a mixture of West System 24 hour epoxy, thinned with acetone, so it soaked into the wood.  While still wet, I built fillets using West System Epoxy and West System 404 Hi density filler.


The following photo is the wheel well, as seen on Airwolf_Crazy's build site on  You can see the corrugations of the aluminum walls in the well.


Using Plastistruct half round stock,  I added this detail to the wheel wells.    In addition, I pre-drilled the holes for the gun mount sliders on a drill press, so they would be perfectly aligned later.  (yes, there IS an extra set of holes...  I drilled them upside-down the first time)


I am using cut-down bronze bushings to support the 10mm shaft, and I make my own custom-width Delrin washers on the lathe.  This way, I get a washer that exactly fits the gap with zero slop...


Here are the assembled main gear pod structures:  The shafts are 10mm stainless steel, with a keyway, which will prevent any slippage, and give me perfect registration!  The landing gear's setscrews fit into the keyway, and the two shafts will be joined with a center section, using keyed couplers.


Here are all the main components of the plywood structure, ready to mount in the fuselage.  It's hard to believe that this has taken 2 weeks to complete, but every part was sanded, treated, and sanded again before painting.  I wanted to have the wheel wells pre-painted, and it just seemed easier to sand and paint now, than it would be once mounted in the fuse.


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