Fuselage Openings


The next step in the project is to carefully cut the openings in the fuselage.  This will allow easy installation of the plywood formers.  Some openings are cut to size, some are cut with a 5mm border.  These borders will later be cut down to size for window trim or door jambs.


Immediately after cutting out the windows, I noticed that the center section was a bit flimsy.  I would have reinforced it with a carbon fiber brace, but there is a slight curve to this part.  Instead, I used a hollow rectangular brass tube.  This allowed me to reinforce the part, with it's natural curve.  After the 24 hour West System epoxy cures, we will give it a paper thin layer of fiberglass and putty.


Just cutting away!  The diamond wheels from UtopiaTools.com go through the carbon fiber like butter!  Far cheaper than elsewhere as well.


Here we are, with the sections cut out, ready to assemble the plywood: 


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