Just like last time, I purchased a Trex 700 helicopter right before Christmas (2009), and got it assembled just in time to put under the tree.  I used the Electric conversion kit from, using a Scorpion 4035-560KV motor, and a Kontronik 63V controller.   I got it flying very nicely, so I would have a solid mechanism to use as the core of this project.  


I built this one with the Electric Conversion package from KDE Direct.  In addition to the Electric Mounting, they have an optional pinion gear support system, and main bearing holders with integral thrust bearings (yummy):


It hovered perfectly, with only a few clicks of trim.  I used JR 8717 servos for the cyclic, I was tempted to go "High Voltage" on this one, but I already have about 6 voltages to regulate to for all the goodies I am going to hang on it, so another voltage bus would have just added to the complexity of the wiring (more on that to come).

Well, I got the 700 all put together and hovering, but before building it into a scale fuselage, I wanted a bit more of a shakedown. For that I turned to my friend Bryan, who flies 3D, and his reflexes are MUCH faster than mine (being an old fart), so he would be far more likely to bring it down safely if something went awry with the mechanics. He was a bit apprehensive in taking someone else's $4000 plus machine into the skies, but it all turned out well.

Next- we do it again with the Flybarless head!


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