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Hobbies / Interests

Well, this site should make my hobbies evident, Scale RC Helis, Sport RC Helis, RC Planes, and RC Cars.  These take up just about any spare time I have.  As far as interests go, I just have the usual admiration of young women wearing almost nothing in the hot California sun.


The Dauphin is the Cover Story in Volume 2 of Fly RC's "Heli Pilot" magazine!  It also made an article in the OC Register

Our Group

A number of my neighbors got in the habit of flying together every Saturday and Sunday morning.  Bryan, Kenny, Mark, Les, Jim, Shaun, and others gather on the nearby High School field and we go flying!  Sometimes, we get QUITE a few aircraft lined up:

One day, our wives were talking to each other, and one of them said "Gee..  Why don't you guys come up with a name for your club?"  As a smart-ass remark, I quipped:  "Sure, we can call ourselves the Fullerton Air Group and get t-Shirts that say 'FAG' on them!".  Well, it stuck, and eventually Fullerton Air Group got their logo on t-shirts:



Hello, I am Dennis Ideue, CEO and co-founder of Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc.  You can see what I do, at www.merchantanywhere.com, where we specialize in Mobile and PC-based Merchant Banking Technologies.  We are a BBB A-Rated Company, and a registered Visa / Mastercard ISO.

I looked and looked, but I found that I do not have many photographs of myself, but here I am squinting into the sun at Air Combat USA, located at the nearby Fullerton Airport:

This was incredible fun - Dr Leckett, our co-founder and I participated in management training that included Air Combat!  You can see our company's newsletter about the training.  

I live with my wife Lisa, 5 dogs, 4 Turtles, and a rabbit, in our home in Fullerton California that we expanded a few years ago, which you can see, although it probably is not as interesting to most visitors as the helicopter build!  Lisa and I both hate to travel, so we mostly stay at home, Lisa does her thing, and I build and fly Helicopters!  


I also fly planes a lot more lately, as I don't want Heli repairs getting in the way of my latest project!.  My friend Tony Salvaggio (who got me into helicopters in the first place), flew out from New York, and the only decent photo I have is of us picking up wreckage!

A number of months ago, Bryan's wife Brenda shot a video of Bryan, their daughters- Breanna and Brittany, Myself, Lisa, Herman, and Mark, all puttering around in my garage workshop. If you look closely, you can catch glimpses of the Dauphin in an early stage, as well as the now-famous Pizza Plane!  It is getting more and more cramped in there, I keep adding equipment.   







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