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Everyone wants to have their stuff shown on this site, so I decided to create an area for all! Deciding how to arrange these was difficult, but I decided to have an section for the group, as well as separate areas for each friend as they create hilarity...

Get your seats and tray tables in the upright and locked position, make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened, extinguish all smoking materials and click on the links below (if you dare). The group and each person has their own page(s), expanding as we acquire more content, so stay tuned!

Why are these strange people wearing Helicopter canopies on their heads?
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The Group
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Bryan Barba

When not on the flying field, Bryan restores classic cars at Bryan's Custom Restoration here in Fullerton.  Bryan lives across the street from me, one house over, with his daughters Breanna and Brittany, and his wife Brenda.

Bryan flies Helis, 3D planes, Warbirds, and runs RC cars.
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Tony Salvaggio

Tony should really be the first one here, he got me into this hobby in the first place! Tony lives in New York, so he only comes out once in a while, and we make an "event" out of it.  Even so, we talk two to three times every day!

Tony flies anything, but is absolutely precise with anything with a rotor.

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Les Bidrawn

Les is our resident "super pilot". He has been flying for 30 years, and really should be a manufacturer's rep for Horizon Hobby, flying around showing people how to fly. With Les, every plane "Fly's Great!" even a toilet seat with a ducted fan stuck on with hot glue.....

Les flies Spitfires (huge collection), scale Warbirds, and an assortment of ducted fans.

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Ken Easton

Kenny is one of the "Founding FAG's", (That's "founding" NOT "pounding"). Seriously, Kenny is one of the nicest guys in the world. His family reminds us of a cross between "Leave it to Beaver", "Father Knows Best", and the "Dick Van Dyke" show. If you don't remember these shows, you probably think Michael Jackson was always white.

Kenny flies Stiks, Sailplanes, and others.

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Mark Engels

Mark is one of the hardest working guys around. Mark works for UPS and lives directly across the street, next to Bryan.

Mark flies Warbirds and a Slow Stik.

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Scott flies 3D and Helis, but builds amazing planes out of Depron foam.  From jets to combat wings, Scott can make just about anything with a dollar's worth of foam and a motor!

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Cory is the master of lightweight.  EDF jets, foamies, ultra-mini's, even helis are all shaved, trimmed, and modified for the absolute lightest flying weight possible.  


Mitch Bidrawn

Mitch is Les' brother, and flies the much hated "Gladiator". This T-28 has taken down 4 other planes, so there is a "bounty" out on the Gladiator.

Mitch flies the Gladiator, and a Texan.

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Marcus Blackstone

Marcus is the son of "LB" Blackstone, one of the Founders of AirCombat USA. Marcus is usually one of the first to arrive at the field - I guess he doesn't need as much sleep as the rest of us!

Check out his new 12 foot TeleMaster!

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