Bryan Barba

Bryan is definitely one of our more colorful characters, as you will see.
He is a master machinist, and has helped me with innumerable custom
parts for my helicopter, but he appears to have an evil twin.
On one hand, Bryan is an excellent pilot,
here is his FIRST flight of his new Trex 600 helicopter:


Bryan has learned some fancy flying on his new T-Rex 500:  Flips, loops, and more fun.

And he even made the front page of the New York Times!  Bryan purchased the most positively gay plane on the planet.  You could duck-walk backwards, naked, down Santa Monica Boulevard, and not be more gay than this plane:

Bryan has an interesting landing with his Ducted Fan powered Blue Angel's jet.  


There is an old "Urban Legend" concerning a young man who was too poor to buy new helicopter blades...  So he used sanded Home Depot Paint sticks.  Here - Bryan and I prove that it IS POSSIBLE to fly a helicopter with Home Depot Paint Stirrers! 

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