Tony Salvaggio

Tony should really be the first one here, he got me into this
 hobby in the first place! Tony lives in New York, so he only
 comes out once in a while, and we make an "event" 
out of it.  Even so, we talk two to three times every day!

Tony flies anything, but is absolutely precise
with anything with a rotor.

Tony flew out to California last year for the "Completion Party" for my Dauphin!  We had a blast, here
he is on our front porch.



Tony wanted to retire his T-rex 600 and I wanted to retire my Mentor, so we decided it would be a lot
more fun to give them a "Good Death".  Amazingly, all the electronics survived!



Here are two of my best friends, Tony- who was flying the 600, and Bryan- who was flying the Mentor.
It really was amazing to watch, the video just does not do it justice.



Here is Tony with Achilles.  Achilles owns the Crown Plaza Hotel in Fullerton.  We put Tony and his 
lovely wife Lisa in the Presidential Suite for his stay.  I hope he liked it!!




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