Mitch Bidrawn

Mitch is also relatively new up here in Fullerton, he flies the much-despised
"Gladiator" which as you can see below is adorned with
 4 pink "Victory Flags" from his kills.

Mitch's brother Les tells me there REALLY IS a bounty on this plane!  Here is Mitch below with his Gladiator.


BUT WAIT!  There is hope on the horizon...  John from Gearbox has built a Trojan with a custom Carbon Fiber reinforced  fuselage, and wings with the leading edge in Carbon Fiber.....


Stay tuned for the developments in this continuing saga!  Can John's "secret weapon" save us all from the clutches of the Evil Gladiator and "Darth Mitch"?  Or we all be plunged into the abyss of darkness as the dark Gladiator circles over our heads like the Sword of Damocles? 


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