Marcus Blackstone

Marcus is the son of "LB" Blackstone, one of the Founders of AirCombat USA. 
Marcus is usually one of the first to arrive at the field -
I guess he doesn't need as much sleep as the rest of us!
Marcus flies his Ultimate Bipe, an Extra 260, a beefed-up
Messerschmitt with a Power 25 engine, a Trojan, and more.

Marcus got a 12 foot TeleMaster, this thing is HUGE!  Obviously the wings have to come off for transport...  I wonder where he stored the darned thing! 


Here is the TeleMaster in flight!



Here is Marcus below, working on his Trojan, it looks like he is replacing the motor mount, I think e-Flite makes them out of eggshells.


Here is one of his in-cockpit videos from the seat of the Extra 260...  Impressive!


Below is his Messerschmitt, with the Power 25 motor.  This thing has unlimited vertical!


Some wild acrobatics, as seen from the pilot's seat!!!



Air Combat Manuvering ... 2 T-28s, a Corsair, and Apprentice in a Dogfight


In this in-flight video, Marcus flies right through a door....   well, he would have, but the door was closed!



Here, he has to abort a landing to avoid a dog, and flies right between the power lines!



Marcus puts a smoker on his Ultimate.. We have to try this again, I think the smoker was in my flight bag too long, it did not smoke as much as we have seen in the past!



Marcus Gets fancy with the video editing, here in his film of the first flight of his Kyosho Cub!



Here, Marcus gets fancy with smoker videos on his ultimate Bipe!




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